Oh, Liza. 


"Official Selection" -New Media Film Festival

"A funny and touching series..." -Webvee

OH, LIZA is a new show for the internet about a girl who pulls the emergency brake on her life in hopes of moving back home with Mom and Dad. But, arriving in suburban New Jersey, Liza discovers that her parents have rented her childhood bedroom to a stranger, a dude in his twenties, also trying to figure it out. Navigating this bizarre living situation, reconnecting with old friends while avoiding others and rethinking what it means to call yourself an adult are among the hazards of suburbia in this charmingly uncomfortable new series about the consequences of trying to press pause on your life. 


Written and produced by Cat Coyne and Kaitlin Schuster

Directed by Ellie Heyman

Auntie Productions

Sample Episode

Director of Photography: Ryan Mitchel  I  Production Designer: Paul dePoo  I  Costume Designer: Mike Floyd  I  Production Coordinator: Batya Feldman  I  Music Supervisor: Kiri Oliver  I  Editor: Grant Steward  I  Sound Design: Matthew Nielson  I  Sound Engineer: Adam Johnson