Night, Janitor, Carousel

"Surrealistic beauty" - New York Times

Hired to clean the carousel by night, The Janitor combats loneliness through surreal flights of fancy and hallucinatory daydreams in which even the audience may just be a figment of his imagination. Featuring stories, surprises, and songs (accompanied by a calliope organ), this alternately dark and dreamlike piece weaves a spellbinding tale of memory and magic as the carousel whirls in the night.

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Night, Janitor, Carousel in American Theatre Magazine

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Directed by Ellie Heyman 

Written by Julian Koster

Featuring Julian Koster, Robbie Cucchario & Drew Callander 

Presented by En Garde Arts as part of the BOSS Festival & The Orbiting Human Circus

New Original Music: The Music Tapes (Julian Koster, Robbie Cucchario, Thomas Hughes)  I  Scenic & Property Design: Christy Gressman  I  Lighting Design: Mary Ellen Stebbins  I  Costume Design: Jen Bennett  I  Sound Design: Eric Slutyer