Jupiter's Lifeless Moons

“Wonderful… Everything about Moons is delicious. Terry tells us a long shaggy-dog story, punctuated with his songs: show tunes, torchy look-at-me numbers, achy pop heartbreakers, whatever the moment calls for. His confiding near-whisper makes us lean close, but the effect is somehow big-screen cinematic.”— Helen Shaw

"Dane Terry is the millennial Cole Porter.  He's got the hooks of Elton John, the jokes of Tom Waits and the heart of Leonard Cohen."  — John Cameron Mitchell

Jupiter's Lifeless Moons, a surreal, sexual, cinematic romp through nocturnal America. It's currently being adapted to into a podcast for Night Vale Presents. 

Written & Performed by Dane Terry

Featuring: Avery Leigh Draut, Morgan Meadows and Saretta Wesley

Directed by Ellie Heyman

PS122 COIL Festival 

Production Design: James Fluhr I Lighting Design: Mary Ellen Stebbins  I Choreography: Brandon Powers I Production Stage Manager: Gianna Masi I  Photography: Da Ping Luo