Adrienne Truscott: THIS

"Ms. Truscott was as funny as she was brash: an unapologetic feminist, a comedian and a dancer, with a subversive side tempered by a chummy, wisecracking wit...“THIS” created a continual state of anticipation. Where would Ms. Truscott’s virtuosic mind travel next?" - Gia Kourlas, New York Times

Bessie Award for Outstanding Production nominated, THIS is a solo performance which may not always be a solo. THIS is a small or large or medium act of artistic survivalism and an ever-evolving work that writes, in real time, the libretto of the performance the artist is attempting to do which changes with each performance to reflect the new context brought by the performance at hand. THIS is a run-on sentence. THIS is a grift. THIS is a piece of cake.

Written and Performed by Adrienne Truscott

Directed by Ellie Heyman

New York Live Arts, NYC

LaLa Festival, Minneapolis

Jan 2018 NYC Coming Soon

Video, Sound & Set Design: Carmine Covelli I  Lighting Design: Mary Ellen Stebbins  I Stage Management/Assistant Direction: Charlie Murray I Photo: Andrea Mohin/The New York Times